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Kathy Groves, Founder

As a Quiltworx Certified Instructor, Kathy brings more than 30 years as an educator and 20 years as quilter to her classes and workshops. She’s noted for her patience and sense of humor!  Her motto: “No Unfinished Quilts – Take my class and I’m with you till you finish!”


What We Do

Yes!  We do trunk shows with more than 30 Judy Niemeyer, Quiltworx quilts!   We do workshops ranging from single day paper piecing introductions, to 4 and 5 day retreats! But we do much, much more including plugging in your quilting with Electric Quilt (EQ) and  Quiltster.  Need an idea for your guild or shop?  Check us out! 

Great class with Kathy Groves

I really enjoyed our class in Shipshewana doing Zen Garden. I thought your teaching was right on. Loved all of your short cuts and tips so our projects would come out perfect. Even at home as I continue my project, I can use your tricks.

We really didn’t go thru the instruction book. I don’t know if that was a good thing or not. I certainly have had no problem following along now that I’m at home.

Lastly, I would like to know how you organize your instruction book(s). I know a lot of people use highlighters on certain instructions. How do you do it?

Again thank you for a great class. I am looking forward to seeing you again in Shipshewana for future classes.

Quiltworx Zen Garden
Debra R
Zen Garden
Yoders/Cotton Corner

Fundamentally Wonderful!

The Fundamentals of Quilting was a wonderful class, lots of information and links to fully understand new techniques. I finished the class with three sample quilts and ready to tackle bigger projects. Kathy has a wealth of experience and willingly shares, answered questions and helped everyone be successful. Most classes went over in time.  Make sure you budget time to practice between sessions — She’ll give you instant feedback!

I would definitely take another course through zoom, as I still have so much to learn.

Marcia C.
Fundamentals of Quilting
Zoom - Online

Bring her back soon!

I attended the Zen Garden class at Yoders in  Shipshewana, IN.   Kathy was great! Bring her back soon and the Fort Wayne gals will come.


Kathy Y, Appleseed Quilt Guild
Zen Garden Quiltworx Class
Yoder Department Store and The Cotton Corner, Shipshewana, IN

Clear concise instructions and lots of fun!

Clear concise instructions and lots of fun. My project isn’t done but will be in a bit. Thanks, Kathy for your encouragement and help.

M. L. Perkins, AQS
Amazon star
Zoom - Online

Paper Piecing, Judy Niemeyer, Kathy and Zoom – it was meant to be!

I had tried paper piecing before, but not in the depth of the Judy Niemeyer classes. I didn’t care for pp until I took this class. I love Judy’s patterns and have been trying to find an instructor nearby. When I found out about Kathy’s zoom class, I felt it was just “meant to be”. I have learned so much from this class and I even purchased another Judy kit. It was a lot of fun and Kathy gave us plenty of time to do our homework! If anyone has been putting off doing a Judy pattern, I strongly recommend taking a zoom class from Kathy.

Phyllis F
Harboured Lighthouse
Zoom - Online

Coming back for More!

Looking forward to another great class! Wedding Star Table Topper on Zoom was wonderful!! 😁

Barbara C
Wedding Star Table Topper
Zoom - Online

Love the Flexibility of Zoom Classes

I’m glad I signed up for this class on Zoom.  I work full time and may not be able to participate in all the live sessions. The videos are great so I can work at my own pace!

Dianne L.
Poinsettia Table Topper
Zoom - Online

Fantastic Teacher – I just signed up for another class!

I’m in Kathy’s Dinner Plate Dahlia Zoom class.  I just signed up for the upcoming (March 2021) Coral Reef Zoom class  as well!  She’s a fantastic teacher. Clear and concise instructions and very helpful and patient.

Valerie J.
Dinner Plate Dahlia
Zoom - Online

Fun Retreat in Shipshewana!

I appreciated all the personal help Kathy was to all of us and her flexibility to make our own projects. She gave some very helpful tips to make our quilts beautiful, as well as helping me to color it on Quiltworx. Kathy sent an instructional video –  Quiltworx 101 – prior to the workshop.  It was a great preview of how to read and use the Quiltworx patterns.   It would have been helpful to get the video farther in advance.

Thanks to Yoders and Cotton Corner for our packet of gifts!

Quiltworx Zen Garden
Yoder's Paper Piecing Workshop - September 2020
Yoder Department Store and The Cotton Corner, Shipshewana, IN

Enjoyable and relaxing

I enjoy Kathy’s method of teaching. It’s relaxed and free form. I can progress at my pace. Kathy is always happy and open to suggestions. She had a terrific solution to a fabric problem. I didn’t need to recreate a section or buy more fabric! I wish the workshop was four days. I felt that I was just understanding the methods of construction plus making progress when it was over! I am looking forward to her return to Shipshewana.

Quiltworx Kentucky Spirits
Marilouise H
Yoder's Paper Piecing Workshop - Quiltworx Kentucky Spirits Pattern
Yoder Department Store and The Cotton Corner

Fundamentals of Quiltmaking – A Must Class for Beginning Quilters

Five Stars for Fundamentals of Quiltmaking!

Kathy provided a clear outline for each week. We were provided with instructions on cutting out fabric to prepare samples of the blocks and techniques that were going to be demonstrated in the upcoming that class.  We were also were encouraged to message any problems we were having or questions. Her responses were always timely and offered suggestions. We all proudly displayed our finished blocks for that session. We also were provided with additional resources.
I have been quilting for a few years but still referred to myself as a beginner.   After this class I can walk through that door!
I can now do partial seams, flying geese, prairie points, a true 1/4 inch seam, and curves. Plus so much more.

I highly recommend this class.

6 blocks from Funamentals!
Carolyn Farrell
Fundamentals of Quilting (via Zoom)

Kathy was exceptional to make sure no student was left behind!

The Zoom class was a great way to teach and the cameras were positioned to really see what she was teaching. The nice thing about the recorded classes is the ability to re-watch tricky areas of the sewing. It really gave me the confidence to venture ahead outside of class. I highly recommend this way of teaching! Kathy was exceptional to make sure no student was left behind 🙂

Laurie S
Wedding Star Table Topper - via Zoom
Quilting Season of Michigan

I’ve taken many of classes, Yours are among the best!

I have a Masters degree along with my Nurse Practitioner and have taken many college courses as well as Continuing Medical Education over the years. I have been telling my husband (who is a pulmonologist) how much I have learned from you already (only a couple of classes into the course)  and how much I have enjoyed your classes. He commented that I have appeared very interested and happy about learning each time  I have taken your class in this series.

It is obvious that you have taught before. You have a lot of clarity and seem to anticipate your student’s needs. It is obvious that you want things to go well and are very patient.  Your follow up videos  help break things down and reinforce class learning.

Looking forward to next weekends class and I have already registered for your Dinner Plate Dahlia course coming up.


Ellen K, Nurse Practitioner, M.S.
Wedding Star Table Topper
Zoom - Online

Awesome teacher… No Travel Required!

I very much appreciated this class. It is so nice not to have to travel anywhere for instruction. Kathy is very knowledgeable . She is willing to take the time to help you . I highly recommend taking her class.

Pam C.
Wedding Star Table Topper
Zoom - Online

Very thorough and knowledgeable teacher!

I would strongly recommend classes with Kathy!
Here we are in a time when we can’t meet in person and there is a learning curve for everyone, but Kathy took it on and was able to succeed. I know she will see everyone through in completing their various projects.  Kathy obviously is very comfortable teaching any class.  Suggestions for Zoom would be to pre-record just the instructions for the day, and then take questions and open up for sewing, where appropriate. I really appreciate the instructions in the separate videos that were given after the fact. I would pay for classes that aren’t interactive, but are just the recordings.  I’m sure I will take part in future classes.

Ginnie I.
Bali wedding star table topper
Zoom - Online

Kathy is the instructor to help you make a beautiful keepsake quilt!

If you are even thinking about this, (commenting on the Quiltworx Star Course) I can assure you that Kathy is the instructor to help you make a beautiful keepsake quilt. She helped me tackle the Dinner Plate Dahlia.  She is the best!

J. M.
Dinner Plate Dahlia
Country Stitches, Lansing, MI

Thank you, thank you, thank you… for your most excellent ZOOM Class!

Thank you, thank you, thank you ,very much for your most excellent Zoom Wedding Star class this morning.  I feel so much more confident about making this quilt.  You are an excellent teacher and so far ZOOM is working well
Wedding Star Table Topper
Online - Zoom

I love how she makes me feel comfortable doing classes on ZOOM!

Kathy is a great teacher and inspires you to want to jump right in!   She will be there with you each step of the way! . I love how she will makes me feel comfortable doing classes on ZOOM!

Wedding Star Table Topper
Zoom - Online

Great Instructor, I highly recommend her!

Very nice, patient and knowledgeable teacher. Easy to follow her instructions. Kathy has great tricks that she easily shared and made sure we understood before moving on. Highly recommend one of her classes.

Debra R
Quiltworx University, Shipshewana, IN
Yoders and The Cotton Corner

Great patience with newer quilters

Great patience with newer quilters at Quiltworx University!

Debbie Dison
Quiltworx University at Shipshewana. IN
Yoder Department Store and The Cotton Corner

Great group instructor…AND personal follow up!

Kathy was very helpful during Qultworx University. She provided helpful tips and shortcuts, written cue cards. I found her group instructions to be helpful and appreciated individual follow up after the demonstration. She was also quick answer individual questions and requests for help with problems. I enjoyed learning to know and work with Kathy.

Sarah Buller Fenton
Quiltworx University, Shipshewana IN

Thank you Kathy…

Thank you for help. I loved the card you gave us for the steps on paper piecing. Quiltworx University was a large class, so I really appreciated all the times you came to my station to offer help and advice.

Mary G
Quiltworx Shipshewana

Fantastic teacher!!!

Excellent teacher!!! Fabulous knowledge and extremely helpful and patient!!! One of three instructors in a class of 60 quilters…yet very up beat and positive!!! Loved working with her and very grateful for all her help

Marlene B
Quiltworx University

Great instructor! Very easy to understand…

Kathy is very patient and knowledgeable.  She teaches in a way that is very easy to understand no matter your level of experience

Sandra Berg-Whiley
Shipshewana 2019

Friendly, Knowledgable, Nice and Very Helpful…

Kathy is very nice and friendly. She helped me a lot at Quiltworx University. She is very knowledgeable with Judy Niemeyer quilts.

Patti Hardin
Quilworx University - Shipshewana, IN

Your help was greatly appreciated!

Your help was greatly appreciated. Being a beginner paper piecer, you did a great job in helping me understand the steps.

Diane O
Quiltworx University

Great Class Sponsored by Our Guild

I took the workshop held at Hankard Inn in Jackson, MI., which I enjoyed very much!

Wrapped in Ribbon
Pieces and Patches Quilt Guild, Jackson, MI

I would fly to Texas to take another class from her!

Kathy is an amazing instructor! Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from one of the best! I’ve taken two of her classes. I  live in Indiana, but I would fly to Texas to take another class from her!

Sherri A.

Your trunk show at our guild was stunning….

Kathy, your trunk show and presentation of your work was stunning. You have given me the ambition to try tackling these stunning patterns. All I can say, if you have the chance to see Kathy’s trunk show- you must! Her personality shines through and is only embellished by her quilting talent. And if you have the opportunity to take one of her classes, I’m sure you will leave not only with the skills to tackle these stunning patterns but the enthusiasm to finish the quilt.

C. Blanchard
Quiltworx Trunk Show
Town Hall Quilt Guild - Clarkston, MI

After your class…I am having a ball!

I can’t believe how smoothly my quilt is going together.  I’ve been sewing 2-3 hours a day! Thanks for the joy you have brought me through your class!

Dahlia by Quiltworx
Sherri W.A.
Dinner Plate Dahlia,
Cotton Corner, Shipshewana, IN

Marvelous Trunk Shows!

Kathy’s trunk shows are marvelous. Her classes are so much fun! She is a great instructor and knows these patterns. If she is in your area be sure to enjoy her eye candy!

Cathy B.
Detroit, MI

A Confidence Booster!

I had never tackled anything like the Dinner Plate Dahlia before.  I was really skeptical whether I could do it, but Kathy made it do-able.  I really appreciate not only Kathy’s help and instruction, but especially her support!  Great class, even better instructor! I met some really great classmates as well!

Jody M.
Dinner Plate Dahlia
Country Stitches, Lansing, MI

Ready for the Next Step…

I took a four class series for the Dinner Plate Dahlia.  The picture shows my homework from classes 1 and 2. Class 3 is next week and I am ready!

Kathy is a great instructor with lots of patience, I really appreciate her availability in between classes for help! (We “faced-timed” to troubleshoot when I got stuck!) She always had a fix when I messed up.

Thanks for a great class Kathy!

Kathy S
Dinner Plate Dahlia,
Country Stitches, Lansing, MI

I really appreciated the detailed instructions!

One of the most helpful classes I’ve taken.  Great instructions, both written and verbal,  made it easy to follow along. I never felt lost.

Compass Rose Class

Looking forward to more classes with Kathy

Took a class at Quilt University and at Leabu Sewing Center.  Can’t wait to take more.  QU was my first class and it was excellent!

Quilt University
Ann Arbor Quilt Guild

Best class I have ever taken…and I’ve taken alot!

One of the very best classes I have ever taken. And I have taken a lot!  I am absolutely sincere in my praise, there were some real “light bulb” moments.  Thank You!

(Oh and Yes, I did get my Stormy Seas Table Runner top done!)

Wilma R
Stormy Seas Table Runner
Linden, MI

Wonderful Day with Genesee Stars

Genesee Stars Quilt Guild had a workshop on April 20, 2018. She taught the Quiltworx pattern, Stormy Seas, and we had a wonderful day! She was patient with our questions, and offered followup help to finish the project. We would definitely have her come again. Thanks Kathy!

Sue Matloc
Stormy Seas
Genesee Star Quilters

My only problem is… What’s Next?

Finished my quilt from the great workshop you did for Kokomo Piecemakers Quilt Guild. Now my only problem is which of the fantastic Quiltworx patterns I want to do next! Thanks so much I really learned a lot!

Barbara M.
Quiltworx Labyrinth
Kokomo Piecemakers


Love your website, so glad I found it! Thank you for the pattern…I will be returning.

Myrtle Dean

Thanks again for a great class!

My wedding star table topper is completed.  Thanks again for the best class I’ve had in five years!

Wedding Ring Table Topper
Barb S.
Wedding Star Table Topper
Tall Pines Quilt Guild

Learning to piece Autumn Pines Quilt.

I give Kathy a five star rating. Her class was very informative, and interesting. She shared lots of tips and tricks which will help me on future Judy Niemeyer quilts to come. Thank-you for all your help Kathy!

Ann Erickson-Bates
Judy Niemeyer Quilt Class at Luv 2 Quilt in Rockford, Michigan - Feb2018
LUV 2 Quilt

I Love My Feathered Star!

I love my beautiful Feathered Star Quilt! Kathy is an AMAZING instructor! I got seven of my friends together and Kathy did a workshop just for us! Kathy even showed me how my quilt would look with various colors on Quiltster.

Shauna R.
Quiltmaker's Choice
Friends of Shauna, Ludington, MI

First Time! Signed up for More

This was my first Quiltworx pattern. Kathy made it easy & kept checking in with me after she got me started. Mistakes were easily corrected. I took considerably longer than the 2-6 hours but it came out really well.    I felt like I had the experience to tackle a more complex pattern.   Now I am doing Pepperdish with Kathy. With her organization and clear explanations this has been a great experience!

Carolyn C
Geese in Flight
Sew What

I was nervous

I was nervous before I started the Fractured Star quilt class.   Kathy made made it easy!  I loved the step by step instructions.  Maybe the Vintage Rose is next!

Claudia S.
Fractured Star
Sew What - Wyandot, MI

Wonderful Class – Talented Instructor

I had a wonderful time learning how to paper-piece the Quiltworx “Seasonal Table Runner”. Kathy is a seasoned instructor and well versed in the Quiltworx philosophy. She presented many additional tips and tricks of the trade that ensure your ability to remember and persevere on your own after the class. Topics covered in addition to paper piecing: curved piecing, use of glue sticks, design considerations, learning aids, etc. Definitely an instructor for anyone who is a beginner or has had difficulty with paper piecing in the past.

Marian CS
Quiltworx "Seasonal Table Runner" Class
Sew What - Wyandotte, MI

Experienced Paper-Piecer

I had already done a couple of Judy patterns, so I already knew the paper – piecing process. Nevertheless, I still really enjoyed this class.  Everything was OUTSTANDING.

Karen K.
Light House Quit Guild

Lots of Shortcuts…

I loved Kathy’s enthusiasm!. The class eval didn’t go high enough — it topped out at “Outstanding”. I learned lots of shortcuts. The class was challenging because I tend to be slower sewing in a group.

Diane P.
Bali Bedrunner - April 2017


I really liked the way you checked in at each table. Everything was outstanding. Your workshop made me get moving again!

Bobbie V
Light House Quilt Guild

Class by Kathy? – Without Hesitation!

I loved the class.  I learned not to be so awed at the idea of the complex process and the many components to this quilt.  Kathy taught us to be methodical and follow the provided instructions. Kathy worked with us every step of the way and stepped in when we made mistakes. While I previously felt overwhelmed by this pattern, every step was broken down and there was success at each step along the way.

I had a fantastic two days.  I would take another class from Kathy without a moment’s hesitation!

Anne K.
Compass Rose, Quilt University
Ann Arbor Quilt Guild

What a Great Class!

5 Stars on everything!

She provided superb verbal descriptions of what we needed to do.  Then she was calm, consistent and helpful as we worked through the process.  I  really felt supported.

It was just a great class!

Judy K.
Quitlworx Poinsettia Class
Leabu Sewing Center, Ann Arbor, MI

Great class, Can’t wait to take another!

She was very patient, she didn’t ‘over-teach’.  She’d let me try a new technique, but she would catch me before I made a serious mistake by asking me to explain what I was going to do next.   This really helped me understand the process.   She provided lots of little tips along the way… like how to remove the foundation paper without pulling out the stitches.

Adrienne Mattern
Fractured Star
Sew What - A Quilt Shop

Kathy is a Great Teacher!

Kathy provided clear detailed instruction that did not assume we had ever used that technique before.  We never felt talked down to.  Her class was EXCELLENT !   I know  — I took home finished parts!

Thank you Kathy

Jan N.
Dresden Turkey Runner
Sew Many Things

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