Once a teacher..

Kathy Groves,
Founder, BobKat Quilts
Kathy Groves, Founder, BobKat Quilts

I’ve been an educator for more than 35 years.  School teacher, parent educator, an advocate for infants and children with special needs, a court-appointed special advocate, a software trainer, and a consultant.   However my long-time passion is quilting!

I love working with colors, the geometry, the problem solving.   I love seeing hundreds of pieces coming together in a work of art!

Little did I know when I started quilting more than 20 years ago that I would find a special niche that would let me put all of these experiences together.

In recent years I’ve been the program chair and president for my local guild.  I’ve organized multiple quilt shows, and developed presentations and classes for guilds through out the region.

Now I’ve come full circle.  I’ve learned that I have a knack for using my organizational and teaching skills to help others learn how to quilt and expand their quilt making skills repertoire.

After several years of sewing, studying and more than 6 visits to Montana, I  became a Quiltworx Certified Instructor.   I’ve completed more than 60 “Judy” paper-piecing quilts and I’ve had the privilege of  working through more than a hundred hours of workshops with Judy Niemeyer and her staff.

In 2018 I had the honor of having a Quiltworx pattern – Tarnished Windmill – displayed at Spring Market promoting RJR Fabrics and Quiltworx Patterns.  In 2019, I was asked to create one of the Dinner Plate Dahlia quilts that now adorns the cover of Book #5.   I continue to be awed at the precision of the pattern and the ease of assembly of these heirloom quilts.

I’ve put together a great set of lessons, classes, workshops and retreats that I enjoy teaching.   But I really take pride in being able to help quilters increase their confidence and skills and tackle the projects they’ve always wanted to make.  Let me help you, your friends, your guild or your customers take their skills to the next level.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kathy Groves
Founder, Bobkat Quilts

P.S.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?   Just ask!

Judy Niemeyer and Kathy displaying her Amazaon Star from the balcony of the Quiltworx retreat center