I learned a LOT!

I have special needs children and really needed a 2-day respite, but the pace was faster than I expected, so I didn’t get much rest!    The videos you shared ahead of the retreat were a life-saver!  However, with that said, I did enjoy my time at the retreat. I appreciate how you were able to attend to everyone in the place they were as we got going. You were thorough in your explanations, which was great. And you shared some invaluable tips and tricks to surviving a “Judy project”.  Meredith the other instructor from Yoder’s Department Store was a strong, stable persona in the room the entire time and that helped as well!   I enjoyed getting to know you and the ladies in the group, which is rare for me as an extreme introvert!  Thank you for the experience!

Gina Viviano
Yoder's Department Store - Shipshewana, IN