Spring time… and I just want to sew!

Flowers are blooming and finally spring is in the air!  I know I should be thinking about spring cleaning, spring yard clean up, but all I want to do is sew!!!

This week I hope to spend a lot of time in the studio…  doing a little straightening up, a little retreat planning and a lot of sewing!

Shipshewana retreat is only 10 days away!  I hope to have several projects all set and ready to go.  They will include:

Pepper Dish

Bali Bedrunner

And either Desert Sky, Farmhouse Window, Broken Daisy Placemats or Harvest Dawn.

Then again…  I’m eager to make Weathered Windmill, too.  And Prickly Pinecones…

So many quilts… so little time!

What quilts are on the top of your TO DO LIST?


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